Transforming Institutions: Systemic Change for DEI in STEMM

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The SEA Change learning series Transforming Institutions: Systemic Change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in STEMM provides higher education change leaders the opportunity to expand their knowledge of how to create systemic change within their institution to improve DEI within STEMM. The learning series, developed in partnership with the Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN), takes a systemic approach to organizational change to develop participant’s knowledge of how to apply evidence-based change strategies. The series is structured to guide participants through the process of outlining a change process that aligns with the context of STEMM at their institution. The series draws from and is facilitated by the editors of Transforming Institutions: Accelerating Systemic Change in Higher Education, which covers theories of change, change across scale, and change leadership.

Context. Despite decades of effort by science funders to increase DEI in STEMM, women, racial minority groups, and disabled people remain persistently underrepresented in these disciplines, especially in positions of seniority, leadership, and prestige. A body of knowledge has developed that to the point where we know which practices support student success, we know what supports are needed for faculty to enact these practices, and we know about the complex structures that shape our practices within our colleges and universities. However, putting this knowledge together to create and sustain institutional transformation is no small task. This series seeks to help change makers take concrete steps to creating the change needed to address educational inequities at an institutional scale.  

Goals. The learning series focuses on creating institutional change to generate diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments for STEMM learning in higher education. The Transforming Institutions team and guest speakers will guide participants through discussions of the definition of institutional transformation, research on creating institutional change, composition of effective teams, adapting effective approaches to different contexts, and continuous improvement. The overarching goals of the series are to:

  • Improve participants’ knowledge of theory and practice related to systemic transformation in higher education
  • Facilitate participants’ reflection on their experiences with local, institutional, and systemic change
  • Illustrate how participants can create connections across levels of their institution to drive change
  • Assist participants in determining the next steps for their ongoing or upcoming change projects 

Audience.  This learning series is designed for current and emerging change leaders from colleges and universities, including STEM faculty as well as provosts, deans, and department chairs, human resource and institutional research leaders, and directors of teaching and learning centers. Institutional or project teams of 3 or more individuals are encouraged to participate as a group. 

Design.  Five sessions address core learning objectives through interactive presentations and discussions, guided and complemented by pre-readings and reflection prompts. A variety of perspectives on institutional change will be interwoven into each session, and each session will build on the prior discussions. We encourage participation in the entire series; however, recordings of the learning series will be made available for individuals and teams to re-watch at a later date.


  1. What do we mean by transforming education? What are the goals of transformation? (90 min)
  2. What do we know about designing effective change? (90 min)
  3. How can we collaborate to create institutional change? (90 min)
  4. How do we create change in different contexts? (90 min)
  5. How do we continue to innovate and improve? (Because we must.) (90 min)

Registration Fee:

  • Member (affiliated with a SEA Change institution): $35
  • Guest (not affiliated with a SEA Change Member Institution): $125
    • Teams of 5 or more: $100 per person
[If you already registered for the course go to "My Courses" to view the course content]